Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer system to perform human tasks. We have all heard of terms like “machine learning”, “virtual assistant”, “chatbot”, and it is only going to become more frequent in the future.

Especially in the marketing world, machine learning and AI have become important tools available not only to big enterprises, but also to smaller businesses. We at Aurora B2B have selected 10 of what we believe to be some of the most important statistics to know about Artificial Intelligence in relation to the marketing field…


  • Up to 3,500 marketing leaders believe AI is the  “leading technology where marketers expect the most growth in the next two years” (Source: Salesforce).


  • 44% of organisations are concerned that if they don’t implement their AI they will be vulnerable to more disruptive startups (Source: Microsoft ).


  • 84% of enterprises believe investing in AI will lead to greater competitive advantages (Source: Statista).


  • 38% of consumers say they believe machine learning and AI are going to improve customer service (Source: Pega)


  • 61% of marketing professionals point to machine learning and AI as their company’s most significant data initiative for next year. (Source MeMSQL).


  • 31% of enterprises are expected to be using AI over the coming next year (Source: Adobe).


  • 87% of current AI adopters say they are using or considering using Artificial Intelligence for sales forecasting and for improving e-mail marketing (Source: Statista).


  •  More than 50% of respondents say having native AI capabilities is a must-have for marketing technology providers (Source: BrightEdge).


  •  72% of business leaders termed artificial intelligence as a “business advantage” (Source: PwC).


  • By 2020, at least 30% of companies globally will use AI in at least one fragment of their sales processes, increasing the efficiency of marketing and sales organisation (Source: Gartner ).


Artificial intelligence is causing some drastic changes in the marketing world. Just like all major technological innovations, AI was initially met with distrust and even fear. However, the stats showed most marketers now see a optimistic future by embracing AI into their business.


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