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Market Solutions

Good Data Is Central To Everything We Do

We understand the complex buying processes companies have to go through and the various gatekeepers who have input and influence.

We offer bespoke market solutions to identify and nurture each influencer within a buying process for maximum effectiveness.

We employ industry leading technology to quality check our data so you can be assured you are consistently receiving accurate data to pass to your sales teams for conversion.

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Account-Based Marketing

Tailored Communication For Superior Results

ABM puts a microscope over your marketplace and targets only the accounts that will deliver the greatest return.

Deliver contextually relevant marketing messages to each influencer within the buying process and satisfy individual requirements. ABM allows you to get as close to a real-world conversation as possible.

No two target accounts are the same, and that is why at AuroraB2B we offer a bespoke solution when it comes to your Account-Based Marketing requirements. Our full-service solution covers everything, from intelligence gathering to lead delivery.

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Content Syndication

Great Content Deserves To Be Shared

We collaborate with a growing portfolio of publishers to present your message into the natural communities to global publishers. Our content syndication solution can reach the influencers and decision makers within your buying process.

Creating content that your target audience wants is no easy task, but done right the results can create engagement with your product or service and increase the visibility and reputation of your brand.

We offer a range of content syndication programs that will unlock the best purchase ready prospects for your business.

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Intent Data Marketing

Unlock Purchase Ready Buyers

Place Intent Data Marketing at the heart of your Acquisition Strategy and reach optimum prospects who have self-advanced through the early stages of the buying process.

Through the considered use of behavioural data and in conjunction with our network of industry leading publishers, we can realise the intent of your target prospects and target them with relevant and timely messages and content.

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Email Marketing

Email Consistently Delivers Results

Email remains a proven channel for effectively communicating with your target audience. Cut through the noise and clutter of your B2B market and deliver your message directly to your target prospect for instant impact.

At AuroraB2B we offer a premium email solution tailored to your requirements. From simple email sends to complex customer nurture programs, our email solution has achieved real-world success and continues to unlock the in-market buyers that will accelerate your Acquisition Strategy.

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Native Advertising

Advertising In The Most Natural Way

Advance your Advertising Strategy and deliver your next advertising message in a natural and trusted environment. From video to editorials, Native Advertising offers an increasingly rewarding channel to reach your target market.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of publishers, who we partner with, to deliver your advertising message alongside industry relevant news and articles. Our advertising solution is ideal for product launches, beta launches and technical test results.

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